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Welcome to Learn for Life in COLOR!

Updated: May 12, 2022

We are so excited that you joined us here in our virtual community. We at Learn for Life always aim to be inclusive and accessible to anyone, any age, any ability, anywhere. This blog is us opening our heart to you, so that you can be a part of our vision and engage and grow together. We want to engage with you outside of the live and pre-recorded online arts workshops. Learn for Life is an extension of Able ARTS Work who have 40 years expertise in applicable, accessible art and music therapy and education. Here, on the Learn for Life in Color blog, you will be able to learn new artistic and musical skills as well as self-care techniques.

We believe in the power of art and music in life and how it can contribute towards our overall wellness as well as the importance of professional development. There is joy in art, music, and overall creativity. As we welcome you into our community, we would like to introduce you to our instructors and therapists, to what we do, and why we are passionate about it.


Introducing Fabulous Instructors and Therapists

All of our instructors and therapists have years of experience in their field and are highly knowledgeable in their subject matter. In addition to the following, we also occasionally have guests lead special workshops.

Our Instructors

Art instructor and High School art teacher, Celine Q. Neri's headshot.

Celine Q. Neri , BA

Celine completed her B.A. in Arts Education from California State University Fullerton and Long Beach in 2015 and has a single subject credential in art. She is a High School art teacher when she is not leading online art workshops at Learn for Life. She has worked with high school and elementary school students, migrant students, and adults with disabilities in day programs since 2014. Celine’s curriculum emphasizes skill building in drawing, painting, critique, as well as on different cultures and intersectional activism.

She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Education. Celine believes that art is not just about skill, it is about the meaning of the artwork itself and it should be enjoyed by everybody. Art is a skill that can be learned over time with practice.

Art instructor at Able ARTS Work, Learn for Life, Dani Hall

Dani Hall, BA

Dani Hall has been an art instructor at Able Arts Work since February 2020. They have a B.A. in Linguistics from Boston University, double minoring in Visual Arts and Chinese. They are currently working on degrees in Psychology and Studio Arts at Long Beach City College with the intent to pursue a Master’s in Art Therapy. In Dani’s free time, they make illustrations and comics using pens, markers, watercolors, and the program Procreate on their iPad. They also have a fondness for ceramics, bookbinding, and other functional art. Dani draws inspiration from video games, their own experiences, and friendships for their art. Dani creates pre-recorded art lessons for the Learn for Life membership channel.

Male Music Instructor Randy adjusting microphone for adult in wheelchair

Randy McClure, BS

Randy is a graduate of Delaware State University where he studied music songwriting, production, and guitar performance. Randy facilitates music classes at Able ARTS Work programs in the Greater Los Angeles area. Randy is an accomplished guitarist and keyboardist, performing regularly across the state of California. He also produces music for a variety of independent artists as well as for TV, film, and other digital media.

Randy teaches live workshops for Learn for Life as well as creates pre-recorded lessons for the membership channel.