Able ARTS Work  “Learn for Life” online learning offers nearly 40 years of subject matter expertise to you.  Our courses entail inclusive learning opportunities for all people who are excited about learning or advancing skills utilizing the arts - music, visual art, drama, theater and movement.  Our live courses and prerecorded classes are perfect for individuals of all ages and all abilities who are interested in the arts, as well as professionals in the creative arts, mental health and wellness industry who would like to continue growing and upskilling.


We believe in inclusion and diversity. Join us! Be part of the movement in creating a welcoming learning environment where we can inspire each other as we develop skills and share approaches.  Feed your soul and enjoy your journey! 




Credits for Music Therapy

Pursue growth in your knowledge and in building new skills through continuing education in music therapy in a variety of topics that are not limited to and also specific to IDD and Autism. Board certified music therapists need 100 credits within their 5 year certification span. Let us help you achieve that goal! 



Manage your own learning and growth throughout your career. Select asynchronous or synchronous courses that support professional development in your field. Stay motivated and inspired through new ideas and inclusive approaches to add into your clinical or teaching practice. 


Creativity & Wellness

Classes to nurture your own personal journey for self expression. Accessing our creative self is one of the most powerful ways to support a healthier mindset, promote relaxation, and boost your immune system for overall personal wellness. Find balance and express yourself through the creative arts!




Musical Storytelling

w/ Jessica, MT-BC

3:30pm - 5pm PST



Adaptive Yoga and Mindfulness

w/ Stephanie, BFA

2pm - 3:30pm PST



Altered Book Art

w/ Katie, ATR-BC & LPCC

3pm - 4:30pm PST



We’re committed to making our classes accessible to the widest possible audience. If you have accessibility needs, when filling out the booking form please check the box at the bottom of the form indicating that you need additional assistance. A staff member will be in contact with you shortly after you have booked a class to discuss necessary accommodations to ensure the class is fully accessible for you. 

Accessible Options through Zoom:

  • Adjustable captioning and chat font size

  • Screen reader alerts

  • Zoom supports common screen readers such as NVDA, JAWS, VoiceOver, and Android Talkback.

  • Zoom visual interfaces are designed with adequate color contrast, size, and usage of color to ensure clarity for users with various vision needs.

  • Keyboard shortcuts 

  • Screen shared items can also be uploaded in the chat for screen reader users to be able to follow along with their own technology.

  • Can spotlight and pin multiple videos to ensure the interpreter is always visible. 

We welcome you to read our accessibility statement here.  We welcome any comments or suggestions regarding the accessibility , if you wish to contribute to improving our sites, please contact us.



The primary mission of Able ARTS Work is to provide lifelong learning, community service and vocational opportunities through the creative arts for people of all abilities and

all ages in an environment of warmth, encouragement and inclusion. 

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