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Torn Paper Collage: Meet Chuka Aranotu

A torn paper collage is a fun art project that can be as simple or complicated as you choose. It makes great use of recycled materials. Able ARTS Work resident artist, Chuka Aranotu, teaches about what materials are needed and the process of a torn paper collage.

Torn paper collage of various shade of blue paper with the text "2023" across the middle.
Collage by Chuka Aranotu

Torn paper collage is a way to find creative expression with materials that are around his home. Chuka likes to look through magazines and enjoys the process of tearing and collecting interesting colors and images.


Artist Chuka seated on right, tearing collage materials out of magazines.

The Process:

Chuka begins his torn paper collages by finding pages in magazines that contain images or colors that fit the theme of the collage. Chuka collects the torn pages of different colors and uses them as they fit the themes.

Artist Chuka on right holding collage materials above workstation. Workstation has glue, scissors, and magazine pieces.

Materials Used:

The majority of Chuka’s collages involve using magazine pages, poster board, and either glue sticks or mod podge. Chuka is interested in incorporating acrylic paint for future projects.


Future projects for Chuka include working on three-dimensional objects and incorporating other mediums.

A multicolored torn paper collage. The focal point has a monochromatic blue eye with tear.
Collage by Chuka Aranotu


Learn more about art techniques by reading about the history of paper mache or this Q&A with Fiber Artist Aneesa Shami Zizzo. Follow us on Instagram, @ableartslearnforlife to stay updated on events and new learning opportunities!


Chuka Aranotu is a Hawthorne-based Able ARTS Work artist through the Mobile Arts Program (MAP). Chuka explores the medium of collage utilizing found materials such as books, magazines, newspaper, and original drawings on a variety of surfaces from paper to wood. He hopes to one day exhibit his artwork in a solo show. He currently is working on building his portfolio and artistic resume by participating in local art events in the Los Angeles area.


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