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The Love at Day Program

This is a repost from Able ARTS Work's Tumblr, En Process. Marissa Montes, an art instructor shares a memorable moment from her time working at Able ARTS Work.


I love all of the artists at Able ARTS Work. There is one artist in particular that always remembers me. Whenever I go away, she calls out my name in my absence, but when I return, she is very happy to see me. This just shows our students love us as much as we love them.

There is another artist who initially was a great challenge to me because the first time he arrived at program he did not use his voice; he only moved his lips. I saw he had the great potential to use his voice, so I decided to start teaching him the names of our staff every day. He eventually could say all the staff’s name, except mine he just called me “Fita”. Once he could say names, I moved onto colors with him. Then we started with numbers. First 1 through 4, now all the way to 10. He can now express himself through simple phrases or commands. This artist has come a long way since he first joined Able ARTS Work’s day program through engagement, care, and understanding.


Learn more about day program artists. Read posts by resident artists DJ PJ, Hannah Clanton, and Summer Mariotta.


Marissa Montes is an Art Instructor at Able ARTS Work's day program Empowering Personal Independence (EPI). She has worked with the non-profit for over 17 years.


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