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Disability Pride Month: DJ PJ Exclusive

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

In recognition of July being Disability Pride Month, DJ PJ joined us for an interview to discuss himself, his art, and his journey.

Learn more about DJ PJ and how to support him.

DJ PJ and OTA Stephanie pose with music equipment
DJ PJ on left, smiling, with Instructor Stephanie on right. They are both sitting at a table with PJ's DJ setup.


Interviewer: For Disability Pride Month, I’m here on Zoom with DJ PJ. PJ, would you like to introduce yourself?

DJ PJ: Yes, so, I’m PJ, DJ PJ. I do both music and art at program at Able ARTS Work. I train my skills during classes. Last semester just ended.

Interviewer: So, what do you do? Why do you call yourself DJ PJ?

DJ PJ: I do some DJing at events and help out with some friends, like Maria, at her art show. I remember my first time helping her. I did two shows recently, one of which was my own show.

Interviewer: What are some of your favorite shows that you’ve DJed at?

DJ PJ: I like DJing in Long Beach. I did a collaborative show with my friend Jesus there and I DJed my own solo art show too.

Interviewer: You’ve mentioned your art shows. Do you want to tell me a little bit about the artwork you create?

DJ PJ: For one of my mixed media works, I broke vinyl records. I painted the canvas first, then broke records and hot glued them to the canvas. Daniella [art instructor] helped me with that part. I have created many different artwork. I have an artwork that just sold, because Jesse [music therapist] and me made these interview videos [on Youtube] and someone watched the interview and wanted to buy my art. I got paid for that.

Interviewer: You just mentioned that you like to do interviews that are posted on Youtube in addition to Art Beat Radio's Podcast. Does social media help create awareness and help you sell your artwork and music?

DJ PJ: Yeah. I like doing the interviews.

Interviewer: With your interviews, your DJing, and your artwork, what inspires you? Why do you do what you do?

Carlos, EPI Resident Artist, Mural in Progress

DJ PJ: Because I have seen some other artists do different styles at other programs.

Interviewer: So other artists inspire you?

DJ PJ: Yes. I think Carlos’s art does that. Carlos from the other program, EPI.

Interviewer: What about inspiration from outside of Able ARTS Work? Any other artists or musicians?

DJ PJ: I like to research for inspiration on the iPad, the one I use for class.

Interviewer: Do you have any music that inspires you? Do you perhaps have a favorite musician?

DJ PJ: I don’t really have a favorite song, but I can tell you what my friend Maria likes. Maria likes Spanish music.

Interviewer: Are you inspired by your friend’s music and by people around you?

DJ PJ: Yes, when I found out that she liked Spanish music, I wanted to research it at home. Then I started playing it at my next couple shows.

Interviewer: So, PJ, I have a deep question for you. Do you have a goal in life? You do all this DJing and art. If you could do anything in the future, what do you want to do?

DJ PJ: I want to do art more. I currently do music in the mornings and art second. Then at the end of my day I usually do more music.

Interviewer: With everything that you are learning, is there anything you want to do with all these skills? Are you wanting to have more gigs outside of Able ARTS Work? Are you wanting to sell more art? It there a place you would love to see your art exhibited?

DJ PJ: I want to have more DJ gigs. I want to be able to help people out. And I want to do more artwork too.

DJ PJ on right with an AV technician on left at an ARTiFact Gallery Showcase.

Interviewer: I know that you are 28 right now, in 10 years’ time when you are 38, what would you like to be doing?

DJ PJ: Well, I want to do workshops. I want to teach workshops so that I can help more people. I used to help people sometimes teaching workshops over at program.

Interviewer: So, in 10 years’ time you want to teach a lot of workshops? That’s very cool! Do you prefer music or art workshops or is there something else that you really would like to teach?

DJ PJ: Music! …and some art too. I would like to teach music first and then maybe try an art workshop later. My music inspires my art.

Interviewer: Those are very exciting and worthwhile goals. I have a hard question for you, if that’s okay?

DJ PJ: Okay. Go ahead.

DJ PJ holding a large Boombox prop in front of a music themed background.

Interviewer: You have done a lot already in your life. You have created so much art. You’ve performed in many different locations. Has there ever been something that’s made it more difficult for you than other people to do these things? Is there anything that you stop and think: "This one thing has made it harder for me"?