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Artist Highlight: Rita

Rita is a resident musician at Able ARTS Work and has been creating with them since 2009. She wants to share about herself, her art, and her interests.

Artist Rita Komsky smiling a camera wearing a black hat and floral shirt.
Artist Rita Komsky

Rita loves to play the shaker because it is fun. Slow love songs are Rita’s favorite, especially the Beetles. She like music classes because she gets to sing and she loves to dance to the music, even more than playing the shaker.

Rita has a hat collection of many different colors. She loves to be fashionable and wear her hats and watches. Rita loves mail. She loves to collect it and open it every day at home. Rita also loves animals, especially dogs.

Rita also likes to make art. She creates drawings of animals. She has recently drawn cats and owls as well as flowers and people.

Rita loves flowers and watering plants, so she loves to draw them as well. Red is one of her favorite colors to use and she likes to draw with markers.

Rita wants people to have the opportunity to meet her and know more about who she is and what she enjoys.


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Rita Komsky is a resident artist at Able ARTS Work’s day program Empowering Personal Independence (EPI).


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