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Summer Fun! Meet Cristian Palacios

Resident artist and Mobile Arts Program (MAP) service user, Cristian Palacios shares Summertime activities he enjoys with us through his illustrations and descriptions below.


Oil pastel drawing of a swing set with blue poles and a red seat.
Drawing of Swing Set, oil pastel on paper

Playing at the park:

Cristian enjoys going to the park with his family and playing on the swings. He shared that he likes to "go up high" and uses his legs and arms to create a swinging motion to propel him on the swing set.


Cristian shared that his favorite activity to do during the summer is go swimming. He took swimming lessons at his local community swimming pool. Cristian explained that he learned the different swim strokes such as Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly. Cristian's favorite swim stroke is Freestyle. He emphasized that he only wears his goggles and swimming trunks to the pool, and that his local swimming pool is indoors. Some advice from Cristian is, "Remember to bring a towel!"

Oil pastel drawing of Cristian in a red outfit bouncing a red ball under a large tree. The ball has black lines trailing behind it to indicate the bounces.
Bouncing Ball, Oil Pastel

Playing Ball:

Another outdoor activity that Cristian loves is simply playing with a bouncy ball in his backyard. One of his favorite elements of his backyard is his "big tree" that provides him with lots of shade. Cristian shared that he enjoys playing by himself and will either "bounce the ball up and down" or "throw it on the wall".


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Cristian is a South-Central based artist who enjoys being outdoors, swimming, and watching novelas. He prefers illustration, often depicting his favorite activities like swimming or swinging at the park or drawing subjects like animals and original characters. Cristian recently participated in a collaborative Zine project set to be on display at the upcoming LA Zine Fest in June 2023.


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