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Celebrating World Music Day with Resident Musician: Margaret

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Today is World Music Day and I want to talk about music with you because I love songs. My name is Margaret and I’m a singer. I’m going to be sharing why music is important, what it means to me, and why I think we should celebrate music.

Music is really important because it makes me feel happy. I love singing, playing my guitar, and listening to music. I love many songs and different types of music. My favorite singers are Mariah Carey, Rhianna, Norah Jones, and Whitney Houston. I love the songs “Don’t Know Why” by Norah Jones, and “Hero” by Mariah Carey. I enjoy music that is slow and relaxing. I enjoy music is sung by women, because I like the sound of their voices.

I listened to a lot of music growing up. I have a radio that plays music, and that is how I found a lot of my favorite music. I enjoy singing by myself. I also like to sing with Jenna and Bella, music therapists at Able ARTS Work. I became more involved in music when I began music therapy. I began learning to play guitar when I started music therapy. I use music to feel happy. I listen to music at night to take it easy. It helps me feel relaxed. I love music!

Music means happiness. Music means life. Even if I am having a bad day, music makes everything okay. If I listen to “Love on the Brain” I smile and feel good. When I listen to music, I can do many things. I can sing, whistle, and move my body. It makes me feel really nice. Music to me means happiness.

On World Music Day, we should celebrate music because there is a lot of it everywhere. There are lots of different music to celebrate! We should celebrate by listening to songs we like.

Happy World Music Day!

Comment below and let us know how you are celebrating World Music Day. Tag us on Instagram(@ableartslearnforlife) and Facebook . Let us share in the revelry. If you want to learn some musical skills or participate in music therapy, join us at one of our Learn for Life workshops.


Margaret is a resident musician with the Mobile Arts Program at Able ARTS Work. She considers herself a singer and is learning to play guitar.


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