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10 Small Black-Owned Businesses to Support This Month and Beyond

August is National Black Business Month. There are approximately 124,551 black business owners in the United States, according to the 2021 Census. This number is increasing each year, with the support of consumers and other businesses who are understanding the value of shopping local, shopping small, and supporting a diverse community, including black businesses. We have created a list of some small, up-and-coming black-owned businesses to support this August and any other time of the year. These are just a handful of black-owned businesses, but again there are over 100,000 in the United States, and plenty in your own backyard.


Apparel and Accessories

Furby, fire, artist, black business, enamel pin
Furby enamel pin

Ariel Hart is an artist based in Los Angeles, California. She turns her bright colorful art with pop culture references into wearable enamel pins. Her products are available for purchase on her Etsy store.

Black business, black attire, black female business owner, black mom
Abi Ishola wearing pink shirt with text "This Mom is Building a Legacy".

Abi Ishola, an Emmy nominated journalist, started Beyond Classically Beautiful in 2015. Her company started as a photo series that celebrated black women, which then expanded into a clothing line. The company’s goal is to is to continue to "inspire, showcase, and uplift Black women through beauty and style”. They sell a variety of stylish T-shirts, hoodies, and accessories with empowering text.

Jade Budha Necklace
Fortune Necklace by Jade Gold

Begun in Atlanta, Georgia, Jade Gold Studio creates handmade gold jewelry of a wide variety, from anklets, to bracelets, to necklaces and rings. They describe their jewelry as a minimalist style that suits any woman. It can be enjoyed for its simplicity or layered for a bold, modern look.


Art and Design

logo, hunnibuzz, graphic company, black female business owner
Hunnibuzz founder in front of yellow background with the word "Hunnibuzz" repeated vertically

Hunnibuzz is a creative digital agency based in Long Beach, California. They offer web design, branding, photography, marketing, and graphic design services. They are inspired by ground-up businesses, and it is their goal to help starting small businesses thrive.

artist, No Noise, neon lights, black artist
Mo Noise in front of Neon lights

Maurice “Mo Noise” Noisette is a self taught visual artist from Charleston, South Carolina. Mo Noise started his career with painting and drawings, then progressed to digital art, and now works as an architect during the day in Seattle, Washington. He exhibits his work throughout Seattle in galleries, offices, and retail spaces. His portfolio is available for viewing as well as some art and prints are for purchase on his website.

Lion ink drawing by Jason Humphrey

Jason Humphrey is a Los Angeles, California based artist. His art origins are in graffiti. After serving in the navy, Jason reconnected with art and began exploring with pen and ink. His current work draws inspiration from the spirit of animals. They are vibrant, unique drawings that are highly detailed in shape and color.

White and Blue Ceramic Vase by Tasha Throws Raw

Tasha is a ceramicist who throws functional vessels. She primarily creates vases and mugs. She says that she finds beauty within functionality. Her vessels are gorgeous neutral earthen tones with different flowing textures and patterns on each one.


Health and Wellness

Round containers of tea with Balm Tea Company Label on the lids

Balm Tea Co. is a newly founded loose-leaf tea company that curates their own specialized blends. Their tea includes certified organic, kosher and/or wild-crafted ingredients, some of which are Fair Trade Certified. Balm Tea Co. believes in sharing the mental and physical soothing benefits of tea.

Paige’s Candle Co. was founded in 2017 in the Bronx, New York, by Paige Graham. She believes that natural and environmentally friendly products should be accessible to everyone. Her candles are made with a vegan soy wax and essential oils. She also teaches candle-making workshops. According to Paige, “I help create artistically stimulating environments for low-income New York City residents who want to explore creative outlets and generally do not have access to them.” You can buy her products through her online shop or in person at a variety of stores in New York.

Robert Jeffery, aka: Planter Rob, joined the floral business to teach about how to care for plants while bringing awareness to systemic racism. His slogan is “Let’s chat about plants and racism”. Self-proclaimed dad to over 80 houseplants, Planter Rob offers both products and services. He sells plants and merchandise, while also offering services for home and business plant styling, plant consultations, and workshops.


This list is just a small sample of the black-owned businesses with a variety of creative goods and services available. If you want to look for more, you can use business directories like We Buy Black and the Black Business Green Book, to search for a specific product or business in your region.

To learn about other minority businesses, read this list of LGBT small businesses and artisans. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on future posts and online workshops.


*Note: there are no paid promotions in this article and rights to all images and videos belong to the respective businesses*


Sydney Davis-Campos is the Virtual Learning Coordinator at Able ARTS Work, Learn for Life. She has a B.A. in Studio Art and Art History. Sydney has worked at Able ARTS Work for almost 5 years where she has also held the positions of Art Instructor and an Assistant Program Manager.


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