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10 LGBT+ Small Businesses and Artisans to Support this Pride

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

It’s June. It’s time for Pride. It’s time for all the rainbows and letters and sparkles to come out and play, but this year Pride is still going to be different because of Covid-19. There are still restrictions in many places. Like everyone else, small LGBT+ business and artisans were hard hit by the pandemic economy and unemployment. Across the United States there are estimated 1.4 million identified LGBT+ business owners. I want to highlight some small queer businesses, that accept online orders, because supporting craftspeople is an excellent way to be an Ally and celebrate Pride this year!

Did You Know: LGBT+ owned businesses make up less than 1% of small businesses in the United States?

– (LGBT Owned Business: Stats and Facts, Yu Zhang)


Apparel and Accessories


because is a clothing and accessories brand founded in 2019 by Hawwaa Ibrahim. Hawwaa, a queer, Muslim fashion designer and digital artist, began working with fabric when she was 12. She practiced sewing on her mother’s hijabs. She founded her fashion brand while still a sophomore in NYC. because was created with the belief that fashion should be fun and accessible to everyone. She has a very colorful and diverse line of clothing and accessories. She is currently developing a line for children as well.

Bowtie Behavior

Bowtie Behavior was founded in 2014 by Robin “Robbie” Williams. They were inspired by their own search for a bowtie for a wedding and when they saw the limited selection, they discovered that there was a need for more diversity. They taught themself how to sew and received such positive feedback that they turned it into a company. They now make a variety of brightly colored and patterned bowties, pocket squares, and suspenders.

Rebirth Garments

Rebirth Garments was started with the purpose of have a clothing business that would cater towards those who are gender non-conforming. Clothes are available for purchase off the rack or can be customize to your body shape. They pride themselves on being accessible to any body regardless of size, gender, or ability. This clothing store was founded by Sky Cubacub, who has a disability themself. They produce eye-catching and eccentric clothing. Right now they are taking a temporary sabbatical from creating, but will be reopening their store June 24th 2021.

Steer Queer

Steer Queer is a handmade accessory and clothing store. In 2013 Steer Queer started as an arts and literature collective in Pittsburg, PA. One of the founders began making jewelry and art under the brand CatCall Designs. Ultimately the collective suggested that they combine in to one wonderful, artistic queer space, the new Steer Queer, in 2017. Cat’s stylishly queer products are available on the Steer Queer website and their