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Why I care about World Nature Conservation Day

My name is Jenny Lurvey, and I am a Peace Maker. To celebrate World Nature Conservation Day, I am going to tell you about some of the things I care about on earth.

I like flowers, fruit trees, and I like to watch the birds. I also like butterflies and cows. Cows are my favorite because I think that they are very gentle and peaceful. I would like to have my own pet cow someday.

There is a place called The Gentle Barn, and it means a lot to me. It is a special place. The Gentle Barn rescues farm animals and they promote the vegan life style. I am a vegan because I think it promotes peace. Being vegan inspires me to be grateful and the real me in my life.

Original artwork by Jenny

I think people should try to be like cows because of how peaceful they are. We can learn a lot from animals. We can learn to get along with each other better, and not engage in conflict.

Here are some pictures of two cows from the Gentle Barn. Their names are Ferdinand and John Lewis Thunderheart. There is a movie about Ferdinand. It is the story about how he was supposed to be in a bull fight, but did not want to. He wanted to smell the roses instead. This reminds me of World Nature Conservation Day because it is about a new way of life.

For more information about the cows, you can check out their website

Happy World Nature Conservation Day!

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*There is no paid promotion or affiliation between Able ARTS Work Learn for Life and The Gentle Barn*


Jenny Lurvey is a resident artist and musician who is highly influenced by the environment and her veganism. She views herself as a peacemaker.


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