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Celebrating our Nursing Heroes

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Today is International Nurses’ Day and we want to take a moment from our usual online learning to celebrate you, our Nurses. Everyone has had at least one experience with patient centered nurse care in their lives, be it outpatient, long term care, home care, ICU, Emergency Room or any of the many other forms of care provided by these everyday heroes. Brian and Alison, resident artists, are joining us to share their hero nurse stories with you as we honor this past Year of the Nurse together.

“There are an estimated 20 million nurses and midwives around the world – the equivalent of more than 50% of the healthcare workforce” – Johnson & Johnson, 9 December 2020

There are men and women serving as nurses worldwide, with different medical specialties, going back centuries. Brian’s mom was a nurse during World War II and he grew up hearing stories of his mom’s good works out in the field. One story that holds great significance for him is when his dad was injured during the War and almost lost his leg to gangrene. His mom nursed his dad back to health. This is the moment that Brian’s parents met. His family started because of the compassion of a nurse. Today on International Nurses Day, Brian remembers his mom and would complement her if she was still here on the work she did in her lifetime, especially during a global crisis.

“Nurses are always there, you care for us from the earliest years. You look after us in our happiest and saddest times. And for many, you look after us and our families at the end of our lives. Your dedication and professionalism are awe-inspiring.” – Duchess Kate Middleton

Alison describes nurses as heroes because they rescue people and care for them no matter the time of day; it could be midnight or even two am. Nurses take care of patients during difficult emergencies, after a fire, and during this covid-19 pandemic.

black and white signs stock image from up slash says thank you icu nurses with a heart

Brian and Alison applaud the nurse who works in their group home. Brian says that she is very good at her job and is respectable and soothing. She makes him feel calm. Alison adds that she is always present, prepared, and ready to take charge when there’s an emergency. Both Alison and Brian are grateful for accessible nurse care at their group home.

Our stories are just a smidgen out of millions that illustrate why nurses are heroes and why we recognize them today. So, let’s be thankful for all these nurses, these healthcare heroes, that take care of us. Even when we don’t always see them, they are always caring from behind the scenes.

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Brian Corder is a resident artist at Able ARTS Work's ART Center. He enjoys both fine art and music production. Brian also collaborates on the ArtBeat Radio Podcast.

Alison Salo is a resident artist at Able ARTS Work's ART Center. She enjoys both art and music. Alison is a collaborator in the ArtBeat Radio Podcast.



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