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ArtBeat Radio: Identity, Part One

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

To start the New Year, Able ARTS Work's ArtBeat Radio Podcast discusses "Identity, and what that means to them. This episode is moderated by Board-Certified Music Therapist Heidi Tulcan, and Virtual Learning Coordinator Sydney Davis-Campos. You can listen to the podcast and read the transcript below.


Welcome back to ArtBeat Radio! You’re listening to our first episode of 2022! We held a panel of Able ARTS Work clients back in October 2021 and asked them various questions regarding their identities and how each individual feels about person first language vs identify first language. This conversation was so lively that we had to break it into two episodes. Episode 2 will be out next week on Friday, January 28th 2022.

Thank you to Max Lecanu-Fayet, Stephanie Monis, Renee Morneau, Timothy Holmes, Alison Salo, Brian Corder and Cristina Mariotta for being part of this panel.

Thank you to Stephanie Monis for this album artwork!

Thanks for listening and tune in next time! For more information about our organization, please visit our website:


Intro music by ArtBeat Radio staff: Music, stories and more. You’re listening to ArtBeat Radio (ABR), a program by Able ARTS Work.

Stephanie: Welcome back to ABR. This is our first episode of 2022!

Jillian: This year we’re more accessible. We have audio transcriptons with every episode.

Stephanie: In October we held a panel where we talked about our identities.

Jillian: Hope you enjoy it!

Stephanie: I hope you enjoy

Heidi: Hi everybody, thank you so much for volunteering to be part of this panel we really appreciate it and want to hear what your thoughts are about these topics. First, we're just going to go around and introduce ourselves. You can include whatever information you like, or you can just say your name. It's up to you but I'll start. My name is Heidi. I work at ART Center as a music therapist and I've been here about two-and-a-half years.

Sydney: So, I am Sydney. Almost all of you guys know me. I used to work at ART Center as the assistant program manager, and now I am the virtual learning coordinator for Able ARTS Work. I am an artist. I am also an art historian, which is cool for you, Max. We’ll talk about history sometime. I am very excited to talk with you guys today.

Savannah: Hi, Ya’ll! I'm Savannah. I’m a drama instructor here at Able ARTS Work stationed at ART Center. I think most of y'all know me and have worked on playwriting and storytelling and all those fun things.

Stephanie: Okay, I’m Stephanie J. Monis. I am 32-years old and I have a disability called Autism.

Matthew: Matthew Campano I live in Long Beach. I’m in Able ARTS Work.

Cristina: My name is Cristina Mariotta. I live in Long Beach, California. I live with my mom. I have my dog. I live by Able ARTS Work, my program is 15 years.

Heidi: You live with your mom and your dog and you've been here 15 years?

Cristina: Yeah.

Heidi: Thanks for sharing, Cristina.

Timothy: My name is Timothy Holmes, and I'm 34-years old. I’ve lived in Long Beach, California all my life. What else? I've been in the program for...For like four years. Four and a half years now. I’m enjoying it and I have a learning disability, but I can do art very well.

Max: My name is Max Lecanu-Fayet I am 20 years old. I'm attending Palomar college once a week and I have Autism, and I have an interest in history so I really enjoy reading about stuff in history, and also, I want to become a screenwriter someday.

Renee: My name is Renee Morneau. I’m 38-years old, and I’m Down’s Syndrome.

Brian: My name is Brian Corder and I have CP. I’ve been having CP all my life, so I’ve been in a wheelchair, but I’ve been known to walk around home with a walker. Recently I got refitted for some more braces. In a few weeks or so, I’ll have new braces, so I’ll be walking!

Heidi: Okay, folks, so we’re just going to talk a little about identity today. Sort of - there's no right answer, there's no wrong answers. We’re just having a conversation. We're going to start talking about identity. First question is; how would you define identity?

Matthew: Identity is ID!

Sydney: An ID? Okay.

Heidi: Will you tell us more about that Matthew?

Matthew: Matthew Campano.

Sydney: So, your name is your identity, Matthew?

Matthew: Yeah!

Sydney: What do you think, Stephanie? What makes your identity?

Stephanie: My identity is – does it mean something that you admire or something that you like? Is that what it means or, does it mean something else?

Heidi: Identity means I think whatever you think. I love your description of it being something- something that you are or something that you like. Will you share a little bit more about that with us? What do you picture as being yourself? What's your identity?

Stephanie: Well, I have after this, I have an appointment and we are doing a play that I wrote.

Max: Nice!

Stephanie: Yeah, it's really- It's really fun, and yeah. I actually wrote it.

Heidi: What's it about? Will you share with us?

Stephanie: It's a love comedy in the hospital between Oliver Twist and Annie.

Heidi: I love that.

Stephanie: Yeah.

Heidi: That’s beautiful. So, in talking about identify, you talked about creative art therapies and writing a play. Is playwriting something that you would consider part of your identity?