Benefits of Upskilling & Continuing Education

Lifelong learning is the notion taken from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Need,  to continually be learning to reach new transpersonal and peak performance for quality of life. Conscious learning and learning opportunities occur throughout our lives; elementary and secondary education to undergraduate and graduate education, lasting through the end of one’s career and one's life. By participating in continuing education, information learned enables you to make a greater impact in your career and life path. Upskilling allows you to build upon your skill set with new and modern approaches. New learning experiences will advance your skillset, to unlock your fullest potential.  


 The purpose of continuing education and upskilling is to update and reinforce knowledge, which should ultimately result in heighten work performance and engagement with student learning or client care. Additionally, it can be used to attain credits for the licensure and credentialing that some participants need in their occupations. Many employers register their staff in courses as a way to keep staff up to date, for professional growth and to improve quality of services. 

People thrive when they are given opportunities to learn new ideas and concepts as well in engage in communal learning. We have much to learn from each other and from unique learning styles and paths. When we look outside how we might approach a task or lesson and make note of how others tackle it, we have an opportunity to leverage this knowledge to reach our clientele in a more individualistic manner and support a more inclusive society.

About Able ARTS Work

About Able ARTS Work

Since 1982, Able ARTS Work has played a significant role in providing meaningful day programming for adults with developmental disabilities throughout Southern California. Using the creative arts classes and therapies as tools to develop and strengthen social and developmental skills, our primary focus is to encourage and support artists with disabilities in their creative expression through inclusive community participation.

Able ARTS Work offers a number of additional programs designed to meet the needs of the community, particularly underserved or marginalized communities.  From health and wellness services to arts education and mobile arts programs, each Able ARTS Work outreach program fosters creativity, accessibility, and community partnership.

For nearly 40 years Able ARTS Work has been providing creative engagement programs which foster inclusion through arts and expression.  We believe meaningful creative engagement happens when an individual, groups, and the local community participate in an exchange of ideas, skills and cultural expression resulting in the development of a healthy and vibrant community. We currently house two permanent art galleries, one in Long Beach and the other in Los Angeles. Additionally, we have one temporary museum style gallery in partnership with 2nd & PCH in Long Beach.



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